Joining the Mission. Advancing God's Kingdom.

Why Give?

Giving is designed to be a practical way that we can joyfully respond to God’s grace in our lives. We believe that our money is inextricably linked to our worship, both corporately and individually. You may have heard it said the Bible talks more about money than it does anything else. We think it is better to say that the Bible uses money more than anything else to talk about issues of our heart.


Giving isn’t a way to gain favor with God—Jesus has already secured that for us! Giving is a response to God’s gifts and kindness to us. Through your generous contributions, you are joining God's mission through the Church in Waldo, and advancing His Kingdom here in Kansas City and throughout the world.



How to Give?

There are a couple ways we give at The Church in Waldo.

Give Online
You can give a one-time or recurring credit/debit card donation by clicking the GIVE button below. In addition, automatic bill pay pulled from your bank account is also available (This is our preferred automated method as it has the lowest fees). 

Give by mail or on Sundays
Make checks payable to The Church in Waldo and send to:

The Church in Waldo

P.O. Box 8709

Kansas City, MO 64114

Or feel free to bring your check to one of our Sunday services.

If you have any other questions about giving, email us at